Opioid Background Information and Introduction to the Epidemic

CMS Roadmap - Strategy to fight the Opioid Crisis June 2020

  • As one of the largest payers of healthcare services, CMS has a vital role in addressing the opioid epidemic

  • This document lays out the organization's plans to address the crisis in three main areas: Prevention, Treatment, and Data


Center for Disease Control and Prevention – "Opioid Basics"

  • Learn more about prescription opioids, fentanyl, and illegal opioids

  • Gain insight into understanding the opioid epidemic

  • Familiarize yourself with the commonly used terms surrounding opioid drug use.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – National Opioid Crisis Homepage

  • Shares data about the opioid epidemic

  • Describes the HHS 5-point Strategy to combat the opioid crisis

  • Provides current news about the opioid crisis

  • Published awareness stories and videos

Allied Against Opioid Abuse Prescription Opioid Basics

  • Provides a training presentation on safe use, storage, and disposal of opioids

  • Outlines basic steps that can go a long way in tackling the opioid epidemic

Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General's Spotlight on Opioids

  • Publication from the U.S. Public Health Service which provides an introduction and overview of the problem, the current landscape, and information on the neurobiology of substance use, misuse, and abuse

  • Describes the importance of a care continuum for substance misuse and substance use disorder as well as emphasizing recovery options