Why Attend?

There is one primary differentiator between pharmacies that are increasing their market share within senior care facilities and those that aren't: the successful ones more substantially understand what keeps senior care leaders awake at night and more capably align their solutions as the answer. This sales training addresses the four major challenges of senior care facilities. This is NOT some generic sales approach – it's about the uniqueness of one market.

This program will help you become more effective in EVERY stage of the senior care sales process:

  • researching potential facilities more effectively

  • networking for facility referrals

  • getting a foot in the door with decision makers

  • refining your sales pitch to align with the facility's challenges

  • presenting your pharmacy solution

  • closing the sale

  • setting the stage for client retention

  • leveraging your trade show investment

"Lou Ann Brubaker has a reputation for being able to translate the very complex post-acute spectrum into training that makes sense to both experienced veterans and individuals new to the industry. GrandView took the opportunity to put its entire sales and account management workforce through her two day training in 2016. The conversations we had after each class day, even from team members with 5+ years of LTC experience, was exciting. The amount of detail about how Administrators and Directors of Nursing think, what motivates their decisions, and how to best approach them with our value proposition was incredible. I would require any person thinking about getting into this industry, or currently works in this industry who does not have Administrator or Director of Nursing experience, to take this course. The ROI for us has been a two-fold increase in new business development for FY 2017 and statistically significant increases in customer loyalty/satisfaction scores from existing accounts measured by confidential survey."
Mark Prifogle, Grandview Pharmacy