Peter Lovatt, PhD - Dance Psychologist

Peter Lovatt, PhD - Dance Psychologist

Lovatt is a cognitive psychologist who co-founded the Movement in Practice Academy, which provides education in the psychology of movement and dance. He was a university lecturer for over 25 years, teaching and conducting research at several higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, from Cambridge University to the Royal Ballet School. Lovatt set up the first Dance Psychology Lab in 2008, where he studied how movement changes how people think, feel and solve problems and how it changes social interaction and increases pro-social behavior.

Martin Makary MD, MPH

Marty Makary MD, MPH

Makary is a New York Times bestselling author and a gastrointestinal surgeon at Johns Hopkins. He advocates for healthy food and lifestyle medicine and speaks frequently on the future of health care and what it means for everyday Americans, business leaders, and health care professionals. Makary is a frequent medical expert on NBC and FOX News and writes for The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. His current research focuses on the appropriateness of medical care, health care costs, drug prices, and low-income populations.