CORE strengths to boost your bottom line

NCPA April 17, 2024

NCPA has partnered with successful pharmacy owner Scott Pace to develop NCPA’s CORE program, a revolutionary, year-long training for pharmacy owners and their senior staff that will focus on business elements central to your success: leadership, finances, operations, and marketing. Registration is now open! What makes CORE so unique is the caliber of instructors, including Kelley Babcock, co-founder of Leadership Growth Formula, who has made it her mission to learn the secrets of leadership and share them with independent pharmacists everywhere. Kelley knows that leadership can solve many of the pain points pharmacists face and for CORE, she’s focused on helping you unlock the solutions hidden in plain sight. She co-presents with Terri Norvell, a certified business growth specialist and certified mental fitness coach. She was VP of a $1.2 billion dollar firm and general manager of a $9 million dollar startup. Her 35+ years’ experience includes transforming the chaotic landscape of business and life into sustainable results.

“Our material for NCPA’s CORE program is fresh because we believe that’s what elevates the learner’s—and future leader’s—experience. We’re talking about personal effectiveness and leadership effectiveness in tandem,” says Babcock. “And this is about energy and fun for us.”

NCPA’s CORE is not just another "how-to" program. It’s a “why not now” kind of program aimed at implementing proven strategies.

“Kelley and I have been doing advanced leadership training for more than a decade and hundreds of people have gone through our program. For NCPA’s CORE, we’re giving everyone what they absolutely need to know,” says Norvell. “I know that practice makes progress. So, we’re here to get everyone moving in the right direction.”

To make it all possible, NCPA and Pace have assembled the most talented and most successful pharmacy owners and subject matter experts—like Babcock and Norvell—to coach you on the most essential elements of team leadership. Every week for an entire year, you'll collaborate with one of our coaches in a small group setting—and you'll have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with them as well.

Want to learn more? The latest episode of our Independent Rx Forum podcast is out and host John Beckner dives into NCPA’s CORE.