FDA seeks comments on in-home disposal of opioids

NCPA June 28, 2023


Through Aug. 28, the FDA has issued an opportunity to solicit public comments and gather information to help its assessment of in-home disposal methods of opioids. (Currently, the FDA has not decided whether to expand its Opioid Analgesic Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy to include in-home disposal products.) Do you think comments will be logged and forgotten? Not necessarily. Last June, NCPA submitted comments to FDA officials on its proposed program regarding mail-back envelopes and education on safe disposal with opioid analgesics. In April 2023, FDA announced that it was requiring manufacturers of opioid analgesics dispensed in outpatient settings to make prepaid mail-back envelopes available to outpatient pharmacies and other dispensers as an additional opioid analgesic disposal option for patients. It’s a win for patient safety (not to mention government receptiveness).