Members are fanning the pharmacy flames

NCPA August 17, 2022

Members are fanning the pharmacy flames We asked you to turn up the heat during our Month of Action and you’ve responded! August is the month we’ve designated to make members of Congress aware of issues important to your community pharmacy and your patients.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) visited owner David Kohll at Kohll’s Rx in Omaha, earlier this week. Kohll said that Bacon told him that his staff health care specialist will work with Kohll in the future regarding health care bills. “We reviewed quite a bit of material,” Kohll said. “He spent about 90 minutes with me between the tour and reviewing the materials presented to him about pharmacy and medical equipment issues.” After the visit, an aide to Bacon told Kohll that the congressman enjoyed the tour and meeting pharmacy staffers. “It is incredible the amount of services you all provide, and (Omaha) is lucky to have a locally owned pharmacy that has had as much success as Kohll’s has had in the past 75 years,” Bacon’s aide said.

It’s not too late to invite a member of Congress to your pharmacy. Their August schedule is in flux right now, so they’re still making plans. If your member can’t come, perhaps a member of their staff can,  that’s a win too. They’ll come in, chat a bit about what you do, and they’ll leave with your name and business tucked away in their brain under “pharmacy” and “small business owner.” That personal interaction will pay future dividends.

If you’re not quite sure how to get the ball rolling, we’re here to help. Complete this form to get started. We’re hoping to log a record number of pharmacy visits in August, and we need your help to meet the goal.