Biden mentions test and treat in pharmacies

NCPA March 2, 2022

Even as the COVID pandemic feels like it is winding down, during his State of the Union address, President Biden mentioned a new initiative to provide more of a one-stop test-and-treat option in pharmacies. This refers to a direct allocation of the oral antiviral treatments to pharmacies that provide testing and are co-located, or otherwise able to have immediate access to, an authorized prescriber. This is being facilitated through some of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program partners who have pharmacies that can offer this. We do not expect this to decrease the existing allocations of the oral antiviral products to states from whom some pharmacies are currently getting these medications. Of course, this test-and-treat model won't be available everywhere or in all pharmacies. If your pharmacy is affiliated with one of the FRPP partners and you have this capability, we suggest you make sure your partner is aware of it. As supplies of these products increase, all FRPP partners should start to see direct allocations for all their affiliated pharmacies, and states should see increases in their allocations for pharmacies not affiliated with a FRPP entity.