Update: ESI/Tricare compounding pharmacies audit

NCPA August 11, 2020

NCPA is awaiting response to a letter sent to the Defense Health Agency regarding ESI’s egregious recoupment efforts for Tricare compounded prescriptions. NCPA continues to emphasize that DHA/ESI have yet to state a valid basis for recoupment, and the current action should be rescinded. We have stressed that DHA/ESI needs to establish appeal standards without regard to medical records, as a pharmacy has no compulsory means to collect medical records from a prescriber. As previously reported in qAM, NCPA is aware of the following firms and attorneys who have experience working with pharmacy clients and may be of interest to you in this matter: Jeffrey S. Baird (Brown & Fortunato), Linda Clark (Barclay Damon), Hunter Jameson (Macaulay & Jamerson) and Kenneth D. McArthur Jr. (Boies, Schiller & Flexner). NCPA will continue to fight for our members impacted by this recoupment and continue to partner with the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding and PAAS. Read our letter here.