Thursday, Feb. 29

8 a.m. – Noon

Welcome and Overview of the 2024 Multiple Locations Conference

NCPA President Lea Wolsoncroft, RPh, owner, Remedies Pharmacy

Personal Effectiveness: The Leadership Linchpin

Today's leaders are increasingly faced with complex and unorthodox challenges that require masterful skills and leadership competencies. At the heart of any impactful leader is a high degree of personal effectiveness – it is next to impossible to lead others if you can't manage yourself. This program defines what personal effectiveness looks like in the workplace and explores four key tools for increasing and elevating self-management.

Kelley Babcock, co-founder, Leadership Growth Formula

Take 5!

Pharmacy peers will take five minutes to tell you about something they do in their pharmacy that is working well for them. Then, you'll have 10 minutes to interact, ask questions, and offer suggestions. When time runs out, it's on to the next one. Of course, there's plenty of time at the NCPA 2024 Multiple Locations Conference for further one-on-one dialogue to follow up and learn even more from each other. You'll love this fast-moving time full of expense-reducing and revenue-generating tips.

Kyle McHugh, president, McHugh Pharmacy Group
Jeff Harrell, PharmD, owner, Peninsula Pharmacies, Inc
Joe Williams, PharmD, MBA, owner, Indy Rx Consulting

Words Matter – The Power of Marketing Your Value Differently

While the "frontline public health workers who are trusted members of and/or have a close understanding of the communities served" description could apply to any member of your team, it truly is the definition of a community health worker. Hundreds of pharmacies in CPESN's Health Equity special purpose network have built new revenue and partnership opportunities by training and rebranding their existing technician workforce as CHWs. You have been helping patients access community resources for years – it is time you empower your staff and get paid for it by using common terminology that the rest of the industry understands.

Richard "Tripp" Logan, III, PharmD, owner, SEMO Rx Pharmacies

Market Expansion Through Cultural Connection

You likely did not consider all communities in your area when developing your pharmacy's marketing plan. Something as simple as carrying a few eastern medicine products or wishing the community a happy Lunar New Year on social media can go a long way to connecting with diverse populations in your area. Angelina Tucker and her team at CPESN's new Community Connected are paving the way to new business growth by bringing cultural awareness and practical tools to pharmacy owners like you. Here's how she's been able to use Community Connected across her 12 locations in Texas and how your team can incorporate the resources into your marketing strategy.

Angelina Tucker, PharmD, assistant director, CPESN Community Connected

TRUST LLC: Your Chance to Fight Back Against DIR Fees

NCPA General Counsel Matt Seiler is taking the stage to outline NCPA's TRUST LLC, part of a multi-faceted legal strategy to recover unfair DIR fees. NCPA's TRUST LLC will investigate and, when appropriate, litigate or arbitrate on behalf of pharmacies. Find out how TRUST LLC allows pharmacies like yours to team up against PBMs, leveling the playing field in the face of exorbitant arbitration costs and overwhelming corporate resources.

Matt Seiler, RN, Esq., NCPA vice president and general counsel

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the relationship between personal effectiveness and the ability to effectively lead others.

  2. Review four tools for improving personal effectiveness.

  3. Discuss ideas for improving business efficiencies and patient care.

  4. Differentiate between the roles of a pharmacy technician and community health worker.

  5. Describe opportunities for pharmacy-based community health workers.

  6. Identify areas for enhanced pharmacy services with community health workers.

  7. Describe the business case for marketing to diverse communities where patients live, eat, play, and pray.

  8. Discuss resources and best practices available with Community Connected.

  9. Describe a legal claim and the types that could be included.

  10. Discuss the differences between arbitration and the class action lawsuit against PBMs.

ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-24-702-L04-P| ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-24-702-L04-T| 3.75 contact hours (0.375 CEUs) | Activity Type: Knowledge-Based

Friday, March 1

8 a.m. – Noon

Take 5!

Mike Burns, president and CEO, AuBurn Pharmacies
Scott Pace, PharmD, JD, co-owner, Kavanaugh Pharmacy; partner, Impact Management Group; president and CEO, Pace Management, LLC

How to Get, Keep, and Say Goodbye to Employees

Your business faces enough challenges without adding an employment legal matter to your plate. A leading employment/labor attorney will share some of the hottest dos and don'ts to help you be aware of potential pitfalls.

Deborah Kelly, PhD, JD, MA, partner, Manatt

Blue Ridge Apothecary: A Case Study, by the University of South Carolina Student Business Plan Competition team

A team of student pharmacists from the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy – the first-place finishers in the 2023 Good Neighbor Pharmacy NCPA Pruitt-Schutte Student Business Plan Competition – will share their award-winning concept for a pharmacy practice specializing in test and treat, oral contraceptive prescribing, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Farehaa Hussain, Jacob King (team captain), CharLeigh Steverson, PharmD candidates, University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy

Building and Scaling Your LTC-at-Home Services

It is estimated that a minimum of 15 percent of your community population could benefit from LTC at home, a suite of services your pharmacy offers to keep patients who would otherwise be in the nursing home in the comfort of their own homes. Join Lindsay Dymowski Constantino, co-founder and president of Centennial Pharmacy Services and the LTC@Home Pharmacy Network, for a discussion around the topic and how a hub-and-spoke model for fulfillment could lead to cost savings and enhanced revenue generation across your multi-store operation.

Lindsay Dymowski Constantino, co-founder and president, Centennial Pharmacy

What's Ahead for Pharmacy Benefits?

A pharmacy benefit manager executive will share what's new and what's on the horizon for engaging community pharmacies. While we can't discuss specific contract terms, this is a chance to contemplate new programs and operational efficiencies.

Anne Lawlor, MBA, vice president, network contracting and strategy, Optum Rx UnitedHealth Group

How Biosimilars Are Changing the Way You Practice

As the biologics and biosimilars market continues to grow, questions emerge about what to do at the pharmacy counter. Audit expert Trent Thiede joins the Multiple Locations Conference to discuss biosimilars, interchangeability, and appropriate DAW codes. Find out what you need to know about this space, including the clinical, operational, and financial considerations for biosimilar utilization and how to avoid audits.

Trent Thiede, PharmD, MBA, president, PAAS National

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss ideas for improving business efficiencies and patient care.

  2. Describe the dos and don'ts of using social media in hiring, managing, and terminating employees.

  3. Explain how to put processes in place that minimize the risk to your business.

  4. Summarize the latest changes and most common challenges in today's environment.

  5. Discuss opportunities to scale your LTC-at-home operation across multiple locations.

  6. Describe health equity programs in the community pharmacy space.

  7. Identify new options for 2025 for clients to engage with a pharmacy clinically integrated network and medication adherence programs.

  8. Identify opportunities for a PBM to improve self-serve and admin requirements for community pharmacies.

  9. Identify biosimilars and their interchangeability.

  10. Discuss the fundamentals of DAW codes with biologic drugs.

ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-24-703-L04-P| ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-24-703-L04-T| 3.75 contact hours (0.375 CEUs) | Activity Type: Knowledge-Based

Saturday, March 2

8 a.m. – Noon

Take 5!

Marc Ost, CPhT, co-owner, Eric's RX Shoppe
Tim Mitchell, RPh, clinical pharmacist, Mitchell's Drug Store

Finding the Right Partner for Your Next Location

Developing a pipeline of leaders has been instrumental to multi-store owner Ken Thai's business growth. When it is time to open a new location, he taps vetted, internal candidates to provide boots-on-the-ground leadership while he focuses on the company's overall strategy. Join as Ken shares his formula for finding the right partner and identifying leaders at their locations.

Khanh-Long "Ken" Thai, PharmD, APh, CEO, 986 Degrees Corporation

Looking Ahead

NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey hits on some of the top trends — both new and old — that will be impacting the business health of community pharmacies and their patients in the near future. Special guests will dig deeper, providing their insights on the impact on your pharmacies' operations, including state and federal activity.

B. Douglas Hoey, pharmacist, MBA, CEO, NCPA

Issues Impacting Your Bottom Line

Ronna Hauser, NCPA's senior pharmacy affairs and policy lead, will share a birds-eye view of the political landscape. Get a real-time update on legislation and regulations that could reshape pharmacy payment and practice for the next decade — for better or worse.

Ronna Hauser, PharmD, NCPA senior vice president, policy and pharmacy affairs

The Next Frontier of PBM Reform – Exposing Deceit in the State Employee Benefit Programs

West Virginia taxpayers are grossly overpaying some pharmacies through the state's largest employer, the state employee benefits program. When the team at Fruth Pharmacies discovered the discrepancies at the hands of the PBM, they got busy exposing their unfair tactics. Hear directly from Lynne Fruth and Andy Becker on what they uncovered and how their swift action prompted a legislator-led investigation into waste within the public employee program.

Andy Becker, PharmD, vice president of pharmacy, Fruth Pharmacy
Lynne Fruth, president, Fruth Pharmacy

Good Morning. We have your data.

Can you imagine walking into your operation to find a data disruption from cyber criminals on the dark web? What would you do first? Where would you turn for help? How would you get your arms around the situation? How would you avoid it from happening in the future? One pharmacy owner that has lived this nightmare will tell you their story so you can be prepared and take steps to protect your business.

Jack Holt, RPh, owner, Hi-School Pharmacies
Brian Rakers, CPA, CLU, senior vice president sales, Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Group

Pharmacy Fallout

Coming out of the pandemic, it feels like the pharmacy industry is a snow globe that has been thoroughly shaken and is settling in new ways with new implications for all. Leading consultant Bill Roth will share what he is hearing and seeing from pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, wholesale distributors, traditional pharmacies, cash-based pharmacies, and online telehealth providers.

William Roth, general manager and managing partner, Blue Fin Group, an IntegriChain Company

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss ideas for improving business efficiencies and patient care.

  2. Summarize strategies for building a pipeline of leaders.

  3. Identify ways to engage and vet potential minority share partners.

  4. Identify at least three trends in the pharmacy marketplace that will impact patient care.

  5. Explain legislative and regulatory changes influencing pharmacy operations.

  6. Discuss how proposed legislation could affect the pharmacy payment model.

  7. Review best practices for advocating for PBM reform in state public employee programs.

  8. Discuss best practices to protect your business against a cybersecurity attack.

  9. Describe first steps to take in the event of a data disruption.

  10. Describe three important marketplace dynamics that are shaping the business environment you find yourself in as you serve your patients.

  11. Discuss opportunities and how to respond to the changing marketplace.

  12. Detail likely marketplace changes resulting from patent expirations.

ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-24-704-L03-P| ACPE UAN: 0207-0000-24-704-L03-T| 3.75 contact hours (0.375 CEUs) | Activity Type: Knowledge-Based

ACPENCPA is an accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. This program is eligible for up to 11.25 contact hours (1.25 CEUs) of continuing pharmacy education. Participants need to attend and participate in the sessions, provide an attendance code, and complete an activity evaluation to receive credit for the program—target audience: community pharmacists and community pharmacy technicians.