"Mr. Trahan, GPS Pharmacy greatly appreciated all of your expertise and advice. It is certainly evident that you are one of the most knowledgeable in the industry on build out, presentation, and marketing of a pharmacy. After following your recommendations, we have outstanding pharmacy furniture and a pharmacy layout. Thank you!"
Julya Friedman, owner, GPS Pharmacy, Edinburg, Texas

"Gabe: Thank you very much for your time and wisdom. I wish I could have recorded it as there were too many pearls to remember."
Josh Rimany, RPh, owner, Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center, Charlotte, N.C.

"I've been to two Front-End Overhaul seminars and they've helped a lot. We remodeled the entire store in terms of floor plan and how it looks."
Tom Miller, RPh, owner, Topeka Pharmacy, Topeka, Ind.

"We appreciated your advice...we will certainly do if not most, all those things...great job!! You are highly recommended here in Arkansas."
Gabe Roy, co-owner, Economy Drug, Berryville, Ark.

"Gabe, you taught me more about merchandising in one afternoon than I learned in a whole year of college. I am a self-professed graduate of the Gabe Trahan University!"
Lisa Anderson, Store Manager, Grafton ND

"Gabe, I can't begin to thank you enough for your comments and suggestions! You have certainly steered me in a better and hopefully more profitable direction for our supplement section. Looks like I have a lot of rearranging to do! I will keep you posted and certainly send you pictures of the revised section. With sincere gratitude,"
Christine, Pharm D, Health Coach "Nourishing Balanced Energy" Los Angeles, CA

"Let's just say we were pretty lost before Gabe came along! He helped us get on the right path to get our business back in shape! What a pleasure it is to work with Gabe Trahan! I first heard him speak at the NCPA convention in Tampa and was immediately drawn into his vision for pharmacy! He's exactly what we needed to get us back on track! Gabe can be brutally honest but in a good way! He has a way to "see" things in a different perspective than the average business owner can't! He is my "go-to guy" for many, many business type questions. If he doesn't know the answer he can many times make recommendations of where else to look. Thank you!"
Kari Pastorek, R.Ph, Grafton Drug, Grafton ND

"I always consider your visits great and useful and frankly a bargain. Thanks for coming, enjoy the holidays."
Paul White, R.Ph Canton Ohio (4 stores)

"Gabe knows this business like nobody else I've seen. I've been in the business for over 30 years. I was out looking for guidance with my new store. I was coming up "dry" metaphorically and literally. There are those big firms that want to give you statistics and there are "consultants" who want to glom on for the long haul so they can feed you just enough information to get to their next invoice. Then there was Gabe. My wife and I heard him speak at a roundtable discussion at NCPA and we knew we had struck the Mother Lode of relevant information without a lot of BS. All you have to do is meet the guy and listen to him for 10 minutes to know that you are in good hands and everything will be fine. Can't say enough good things about this guy, Gabe. He's one-in-a-million!"
Mark Burger, Pharm.D. Health First! Pharmacy Windsor, CA 95492-9701

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, you are exceptional at what you do and know you will improve our business dramatically. This is just what I need to get the ball rolling. The consultation certainly is well worth it! I lost some sleep with everything rolling through my head, can’t wait to get started! Perfect, Gabe!"
Joe Koechner, RPh Kex Rx Pharmacy and Home Care

My wife and I met Gabe 3 years ago at the "NCPA Multiple Store Owners conference". Samantha was considering purchasing a local independent, but we both had reservations about the purchase. Gabe flew in, interviewed us, the previous owner, and the employees. He presented a thorough and formal review, including but not limited to significant merchandising recommendations. Here we are three years later and front end sales grew 34%, 29% and 24% respectively. Gabe is honest to a fault, and Mr. Trahan will tell it like it is. Want a pat on the back, don't call Gabe. There will be no mincing words, and in todays business climate his clear vision is invaluable. Gabe has been instrumental in our success and we have since grown to three stores with more in the offing. The only thing more we could ask of Mr Trahan is "when can we schedule you again?". Gabe Trahan... Manna from Heaven.
Tom and Samantha Kelly Medicine To Go Pharmacies

I thank you for coming and especially for your expertise! I KNOW we can improve what we have.
Doug Chadwick,R.Ph Myer's Drug , San Angelo TX

As a pharmacist in a small family chain of stores, my time is divided among many different aspects of our business. Pharmacy school didn't teach any classes about running a business or managing personel, and they don't teach you how to merchandise either! Enter Gabe Trahan. Gabe can teach you how to merchandise like a professional and grow your sales. The only limitation you have is your ability to take action and implement his techniques. If you want to keep your customers from shopping at the big box stores, you have to know what items to stock, how to display them, and how to sign them. Gabe can help you with it all, you just have to open your mind because he will tell you how it is. Do not pass up an opportunity to work with Gabe.
Brad White R.Ph. New Philadelphia, Ohio

"I must say that it was really quite an experience to spend a few hours with you on Monday. I really feel that you hit the nail right smack on the head on all your observations. As difficult as it is to hear criticism about your own retail store's weaknesses, I found them greatly inspiring!! What I liked most about your recommendations is that they all make allot of sense, they're not complicated or unapproachable...... they're very attainable!"
Gary Coffey Director of Retail Operations, Lake Champlain Chocolates

(Recent Store Visit) Gabe ,Thanks so much!! Everyone is so jazzed about what they heard & anxious to put it in to practice! We were looking forward to seeing your list of changes (especially product locations and fixture removal!) We'll be in touch!
Dori Welch Harry Race Pharmacy & Photo, Sitka Alaska

Gabe, recently, I had the opportunity to attend your session on OTC presentation, design and display. I have been in the retail pharmacy business for almost 45 years and have never been exposed to a more helpful program for OTC sales. While the small retailer is prey to competition from the "super centers," following Gabe's advice could definitely spark an increase in sales....I definitely will put his ideas to work. Gabe not only talks about what to do, he helps do it. His sense of humor adds to the enjoyment of the program. Highly recommended!
Tony Welder, Dakota Pharmacy, Bismarck, ND (Former President of NCPA)