Finding Your Way in the Specialty World Today

Specialty Pharmacy

Friday, Sept. 30 (all day)

Specialty drugs now account for more than half of drug spending and represent the largest proportion of new launches over the past decade. These numbers will only continue rising, which is why independents need to be on board the specialty train. While specialty may seem confusing, costly, and challenging, you can play a part in this world without having to commit to being a fully accredited specialty pharmacy just to take care of your patients. NCPA and a team of experts and peers are here to help you find your way. This pre-convention program will teach you how to take the steps you need for your journey in specialty whether you are starting out or already in motion. Learn from experts representing manufacturers, payers, technology solutions companies, and pharmacy owners like you who will share their specialty pharmacy stories and insights to help you successfully navigate this space no matter your destination.

Walk away with:

  • An understanding of “specialty lite” and the types of medications classified as such.

  • Solutions to retain patients even when they have a specialty prescription that must be filled elsewhere.

  • Strategies for working with manufacturers to obtain direct access to specialty medications.