Sounds like a win-win

NCPA January 24, 2023

Diabetes is a serious issue for many of the patients you serve. And expanding your profit possibilities is a serious issue for you. Here’s a way to address both issues.

  • Starting Feb. 1, the NCPA Innovation Center will team up with PharmFurther to offer Diabetes Accreditation Boot Camp in a virtual format. This six-week online course will prepare pharmacy teams to apply for diabetes self-management education accreditation, and it is money well spent. Enroll just seven Medicare patients and the program pays for itself. Medicare reimburses $120 per hour for one-on-one education, and $28 per hour per person for a group of up to 20. This can become a profitable offering very quickly, and accreditation is the first step. Learn more and register. Registration closes Jan. 30 – that’s less than a week away.