NCPA announces partnership with AI-driven pricing platform

NCPA September 28, 2022

NCPA is recommending to members Prescryptive’s state-of-the-art myRx AI Pricing system, which can make independent pharmacies immediately more competitive by giving them access to cash pricing optimization driven by artificial intelligence. “As the voice of the community pharmacist, we know that helping our pharmacists compete in the digital age is imperative,” said NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey. “By utilizing this technology, our NCPA member pharmacies can utilize cutting-edge technology to stay competitive while also continuing to do what they do best: take care of their patients.” Prescryptive’s AI-optimized pricing engine, myRx AI Pricing, offers a robust solution for pharmacies and cash-paying healthcare consumers. A team of Prescryptive data scientists uses its artificial intelligence platform to analyze pharmacy pricing data, looking for opportunities based on pharmacy location, the drug itself and more. Pharmacists receive enhanced analytics and current actionable insights, creating a competitive system for cash pricing based on Prescryptive’s predictive model that consistently adjusts prices based on evolving analytics.