You tell ‘em

NCPA April 11, 2022

It’s more important than ever for the FTC to hear your PBM stories – particularly those stories that illustrate how PBM machinations have affected your patients. These are the horror stories you face as you try to help patients, and we need to bring them into the light.

Here's how you can help:

  • Use this NCPA-created template to tell in simple language how anticompetitive activities of PBMs have caused problems for you and your patients. Please add your own examples of anticompetitive behavior and consumer harm. You are the best person to tell this story. Here’s a link to the template.

  • Don’t just submit the template as-is. You must customize it. Details and examples are key. If we included a bullet that doesn’t apply to you, please remove it. Be as accurate as you can be!

  • Make it personal. Let the FTC see that there’s a person behind these decisions. Include how long you’ve served your community, services you provide, number of Part D beneficiaries and Medicaid recipients you serve, the number of patients you have had to steer to PBM-owned/affiliated pharmacies.

  • Tell them how your patients, your pharmacy, and your employees will be harmed if PBM antics are not addressed. Examples might be that the sickest patients will pay more at the pharmacy counter, or that you might have to reduce hours or even close your pharmacy.

  • After you complete the template, submit it here.

  • Comments are due April 25.

    Remember: This is our best chance to let the FTC see how important it is to investigate PBMs. Please participate!