Cross this worry off your list

NCPA January 13, 2022

Sacré bleu! The “standard of identity” for French dressing, a legal definition that has been on the books since 1950, is being revoked, the FDA said Wednesday. According to the FDA’s prior stipulation, French dressing must contain vinegar or lemon or lime juice, with vegetable oil making up at least 35 percent of the product’s weight. Ingredients such as salt, tomato paste, and spices are allowed, but not required. The announcement came in response to a petition filed by the Association of Dressings and Sauces in 1998. The FDA did not explain why it took 24 years to address the time lag between the petition and its decision. The group complained then that the FDA’s strict formulation of French dressing limits innovation and thus the number of options available to consumers. We may be headed for a French revolution in the salad dressing aisle.