Lunch and learn at special convention product theaters

NCPA September 21, 2021

At the NCPA Annual Convention, we feature sponsored programs that provide lunch served with a side of great business education. Here’s what’s available on Saturday, Oct. 9.

  • Pharmacies Share Formula for Improving Patient Health, sponsored by RxSafe. A panel discussion with independent pharmacy owners who will discuss how they’ve improved patient health in partnership with RxSafe’s Business Transformation team. It’s an approach centered around med sync and adherence pouch packaging that results in new patient referrals, more business from LTCs, home health, and assisted living facilities.

  • You Can Find Good Help These Days (and Keep Them), sponsored by AmerisourceBergen. A panel discussion with independent pharmacy owners and thought leaders on hiring, recruiting, and retention. You’ll learn about various ownership styles, technology used in hiring, and best practices for hiring a high-performing and loyal team.

  • Adult Hepatitis A in a Time of Outbreak, sponsored by Merck. A discussion of the hepatitis A disease burden and outbreaks in the U.S., unmet needs and at-risk populations, and CDC recommendations.