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NCPA June 9, 2021

Here’s something from Jennifer Shannon at Lily’s Pharmacy in John’s Creek, Ga.

If someone were to ask me what’s new, I would say, the level of new families and patients that we have had transfer into our pharmacy. This isn’t out of thin air, but through our vaccinations of the community, we decided that we shouldn’t be afraid to tell them, “We are here for you, please be here for us” and we gave each person a letter saying just that. Basically, we decided that all of this is personal, and our whole family is a part of it and that is something no one can replicate in a big-box. Pharmacy owners shouldn’t be afraid to share how awesome they are and how awesome the care is that they give each day to their community! Never before have we been elevated into such a spotlight!

Thank you, Jennifer. Awesome insight!
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