COVID-19 vaccine: What should pharmacies do right now?

NCPA October 2, 2020

NCPA is working on all fronts and with many federal and state partners to position independent community pharmacies as key players that are critical to vaccine administration plans for success in the country's efforts to reach all Americans when COVID-19 vaccines are available. Right now, state health departments are developing their plans for how this will be done in their state, and they will submit those plans to the CDC soon. What should pharmacies do right now?

  • Check in with your state pharmacy association to understand and coordinate what efforts are being taken on your behalf to coordinate with other pertinent organizations in the state.  
  • Identify what your PSAO and wholesaler may also be doing to position your pharmacy to be a COVID-19 vaccinator. 
  • Assess your capacity for proper cold storage and temperature monitoring of vaccine.
  • Update your NCPDP pharmacy profile to indicate that your pharmacy is an immunizer.
  • Register your pharmacy now on  mandatory to play a role.
  • Make sure your pharmacy is able to report data DAILY WITHIN 24-HOURS of vaccine administration to your state IIS system (registry) – this or a CDC alternative method will be mandatory to play a role.
  • Make sure your pharmacy has a patient appointment scheduling system – necessary/likely mandatory to play a role.

Details about what will be required by the CDC and states of all vaccinators, as well as about the vaccines, their storage requirements, efficacy, etc. will all continue to become clearer in the weeks ahead. We encourage you to stay informed. We will provide information as we learn it.