Report immunizations to the registry

NCPA September 2, 2020

If you own or manage a pharmacy that offers immunizations, please contact your pharmacy management system vendor today and opt in to report vaccine information to the immunization information system (IIS; vaccine registry) for your state or public health jurisdiction. It’s important for all vaccines but it’s going to be necessary for COVID-19 vaccines to ensure the same product is administered to complete the two-dose series. NCPA staff is hearing that public health planners are reluctant to include independent pharmacies in the plan for COVID-19 vaccine distribution because independents are not connected and don’t report. NCPA members need to be part of the distribution plan from the start so patients at higher risk for severe complications of COVID-19 have access to the vaccine as soon as it is available. Here’s an FAQ on Vaccine Finder. If you have questions, contact Lisa Schwartz at NCPA.