NCPA blasts new merger guidelines

NCPA June 30, 2020

NCPA sharply criticized new guidelines released Tuesday by the FTC and Department of Justice that were hyped as a way to rein in mega-companies in the health care space “The new guidelines issued today by the FTC and DOJ will do very little to reverse that trend, and we are deeply disappointed,” said NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey. NCPA submitted comments to the FTC and DOJ in February urging the agencies to be more cautious before approving mergers, such as CVS/Aetna. NCPA pointed out in its comments that the three largest PBMs now control more than three quarters of all prescriptions filled in America and all of them have corporate ties to large pharmacy chains and health insurers. Drug prices haven’t gone down for patients, however, and in many cases the mergers left many local communities without a pharmacy. “