First responders need your compounded sanitizer

NCPA March 26, 2020

NCPA, along with PCCA and the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, announced a global campaign to encourage compounding pharmacists to supply hand sanitizer on a wider scale to assist first responders.

"Independent pharmacies are on the front lines of this crisis, and in many places they are the only accessible health care providers," said NCPA Chief Executive Officer Douglas Hoey, pharmacist, MBA. "Ensuring their patients and local first responders have sanitizer is a key part of the national effort to fight COVID-19, and independent pharmacies are willing and proud to meet that need."

PCCA has developed formulas to compound pharmaceutical-grade, alcohol-based hand sanitizer based on FDA-approved guidelines from the World Health Organization and is sharing them with pharmacists in the U.S. and internationally. When you donate sanitizers, share on social media and use the hashtag "#CompoundingHandoff."