News from the Front-end Marketplace

NCPA October 8, 2019

  • This month's featured vendor is Frunutta, maker of vitamins that are easy to take and additive-free. The tablets dissolve and disperse under the tongue, allowing them to diffuse directly into the bloodstream. Through Nov. 15, NCPA members can take 10 percent off with a purchase of 25 bottles or 15 percent off with a purchase of 48 bottles or more. Get free shipping on orders over $100 and a free POP display with a purchase of at least 24 bottles.

  • Two Old Goats has manufactured essential oil-based pain-relieving lotions for 12 years and now is launching a new arthritis formula in a six-ounce tube. The new formula still relies upon the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxant properties of their proprietary essential-oil blend but with the added natural menthol will be FDA-compliant. Two Old Goats uses only therapeutic-grade essential oils, is a cruelty-free, veteran and woman-owned, and a Made in the USA manufacturer.