Good News

NCPA August 27, 2019

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, attended an Aug. 23 roundtable at Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment in Baltimore. Also participating in the roundtable were community leaders and representatives from organizations such as NCPA, AARP, NAACP MD, and the Maryland State Medical Society. The discussion focused on high drug prices and their effect on seniors. Cardin also discussed PBMs and pharmacy DIR fees, saying how he doesn't know how pharmacies plan without knowing about the clawbacks or even the standards behind them. Additionally, he talked about the need to put patients at the forefront instead of the profits of PBMs.

Pharmacy founder and CEO Dr. Martin Mintz and President and COO Pepper Mintz hosted the roundtable.

Bartell Drugs and Korman Healthcare were chosen as recipients for the APMS Medication Safety Champion Award. APMS created the award to recognize community pharmacy teams that are positively focused on quality and safety. The mission of APMS is to "foster a culture of quality within the profession of pharmacy that promotes a continuous systems analysis to develop best practices that will reduce medication errors, improve medication use, and enhance patient care."

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Pharmacy visits are a great way to forge a relationship with your representatives. The Congressional recess ends Sept. 8 (that's a week from Sunday). It's not too late to invite your member of Congress for a pharmacy visit. With so much attention on drug prices and PBM reform, there's never been a better time to invite your senator or member of Congress to visit your pharmacy. Especially if your member is new to Congress, this is a perfect opportunity to brief them on community pharmacy. Not sure how to proceed? We can help. Visit NCPA's pharmacy visits webpage or email Michael Rule TODAY for tips on arranging that visit.