Resolve to make pharmacy profits soar in 2019

NCPA January 8, 2019

January is a time to shed bad habits and make personal improvements. Most of us fall back on the usual resolutions – eat healthier, exercise more, save money. And by the end of January, our good intentions have fallen by the wayside. Why not try something different this year? Make it your 2019 mission to improve your pharmacy inside and out. Come to NCPA's Front-End Profit Building Seminar and let front-end guru Gabe Trahan show you how. At this one-day seminar, on Jan. 20 in Atlanta, you'll learn:

  • How to improve your store's curb appeal.

  • How to build profit with niche products.

  • How to revamp your floor plan.

  • How to market your pharmacy.

You'll also receive easy-to-implement, minimal-expense ideas designed to attract customer attention and drive traffic to your store. Register today!