The story is not complete without you | NCPA Executive Update | July 8, 2022

NCPA July 7, 2022

Dear Colleague,

Doug Hoey On the heels of the Independence Day holiday, I've been thinking about towns and cities and how each often has its own Fourth of July celebration. It might be a band concert, a parade, fireworks, a street festival, or just a cookout with friends, but we gather, and in those moments, we are part of a community.

Each of us is part of many communities. The first one you might think of is the community in which you live. But you also may be a member of a professional community, a worship community, or a school community, and many others. Wherever people gather, there is community.

It's impossible to define a "typical" community pharmacy. Each of our member pharmacies is as different as the owner who runs it, the people who staff it, the building it's in, and the town that surrounds it. At NCPA, we celebrate the uniqueness of community pharmacy across the nation. Each is shaped and molded by your guidance and innovation as owner. It bears the imprint of your ownership and the skill of your staff. And always, the diversity of your patients.

A big part of our job at NCPA is to tell the community pharmacy story. We need your help to do it, so every year, we ask members to the complete our Community Pharmacy Impact Census. Results of the survey are shared with policymakers and media, so they get a more complete picture of community pharmacy. We don't identify individual pharmacies in our use of the aggregated results.

community involvementWe want the world to understand that you do so much more than fill prescriptions.

Your pharmacy is a vital part of the community you serve. You not only run the pharmacy, but you and your staff live and shop where your patients do. Your kids and grandkids attend the local schools. And you financially support many local organizations and events, from sports teams to vaccine clinics.

The Impact Census helps us learn more about that. We want to hear about the services you offer. Please help us help you by sharing about your business, your services, and how you fit in to the community you live in. Your responses give NCPA the rich detail it needs to show an accurate picture of how independent pharmacists fit into the fabric of their communities, as health care providers, employers, and good neighbors.

We know you're busy, so we've designed a survey that is short and requires no research on your part. It takes only 10 minutes to complete; you can easily do it on your smartphone or tablet. Please tell us about your pharmacy by Friday, July 15 — that's one week from now. We're counting on you to help us paint the true picture of community pharmacy in 2022.


Doug Hoey

B. Douglas Hoey, Pharmacist, MBA

P.S. Registration for NCPA Annual Convention is underway. We're gathering in Kansas City, Oct. 1-4. Bring your team along for targeted training. Don't forget to enter our weekly Team Trivia contest for a chance to win our $100 weekly prize and take a shot at the $500 grand prize to be awarded at convention. See you in Kansas City.