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NCPA members can take advantage of free social media tools and special pricing on digital solutions for their pharmacies through our exclusive benefit with Digital Pharmacist.

Research Facts​​​​

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  • 3 out of 4 patients want to engage with their pharmacist via digital channels
  • 50% of digital refills come from a mobile app as patients (even the older ones) are looking for health information online most quickly and conveniently
  • The big chains fill more than one refill every second via mobile app
  • Patients born in the decades 1960, 1970, and 1980 have the highest refill rates via mobile
  • 54% of refills are done outside of business hours
  • 65% of community pharmacies use social media because it works

Benefits: 1) one-stop shop for all digital communications 2) HIPAA compliant 3) Adopted by 6,000 independent pharmacies


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