Membership Categories

Membership Categories


Active Member: A pharmacist owner/manager of an independent pharmacy. These members become voting members and may become members of the NCPA House of Delegates and hold office.

  • One year $395
  • Two years $720
  • Three years $1045

Multiple Locations Member: A pharmacist or non-pharmacist owner of multiple independent pharmacies (click here for more details on joining as a multiple location member).

Active Member Spouse: If a person is a pharmacist co-owner/manager of an independent pharmacy and their spouse is a full Active Member of the association, he or she may sign up at a reduced amount for membership. — $130 per year

Pharmacy Technician: A person working as a technician in any type of pharmacy. — $100 per year

Retired Pharmacist: A person who is retired from the profession and wants to continue their membership with NCPA. — $135 per year

Staff Pharmacist: A pharmacist working in any setting (community, hospital, academic, etc.) that is not either manage or own a community pharmacy.—$235

Student Member: A student enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate pharmacy program in an accredited college of pharmacy in the United States. — $50 per year

Recent Graduate: A pharmacist who recently graduated from pharmacy school. — 1st year graduate $55, 2nd year $80, 3rd year $120

Sustaining Member: A non-pharmacist owner/manager of an independent pharmacy or a non-pharmacist who wants to be a member of NCPA, and works in a field that would not qualify them for Corporate Membership. — $395 per year

State Pharmacy Association Executives and College of Pharmacy NCPA Student Advisors: Please call NCPA directly at 1-800-544-7447 to join at the $235 per year rate.