Grassroots Resources

Take action on the top issues facing community pharmacy!

Independent community pharmacy is most successful when we speak with a coordinated and unified voice. As such, NCPA’s grassroots resources provide you with the necessary tools to effectively advocate for your pharmacy and your patients. As the owner of an independent pharmacy you bring a unique perspective as both a health care provider and a small business owner in your community. This positions you as a local expert that legislators and their key staff members are inclined to listen to.

You put a local face to national and state issues, and no one can replace your authentic grassroots voice.

Visit the NCPA Legislative Action Center for:

Action Alerts
Action alerts allow you to take immediate action on key issues by providing sample emails which you can personalize and send directly to your elected officials. This is a quick and simple way to make your voice heard and amplify NCPA’s message to legislators. Every elected official must stand for election locally and your unique opinions as a concerned local business person carry great weight.

Locating Your Elected Officials
It is easy to identify your elected officials and their contact information. All you need is your home ZIP Code to find your information.

meet Congress

Other Resources

Grassroots Toolkit
NCPA members enjoy access to the grassroots toolkit which provide in depth tips and additional resources for you to be an effective advocate for your pharmacy and your patients.

Sponsor a Pharmacy Visit
Inviting your member of Congress or your state legislator to make a personal tour of your pharmacy makes a strong lasting impression and speaks volumes about our profession and our issues. It also establishes your position as a subject matter expert and a resource for the legislator.

Please contact NCPA government affairs at (703) 683-8200 if you have a visit scheduled or if you need help to set up a future pharmacy tour. NCPA members can find additional tips in the grassroots toolkit.

Meet With Your Elected Officials
As in your daily interactions, a personal visit with your member of Congress or their staff leaves a more lasting impression and makes a more lasting impression than an email or phone call. Every member of Congress has at least one local office in the district they represent.

Local Media
Using local media, you have the potential to reach both policymakers and the general community and educate them on the importance of independent community pharmacy to the health care system and the effects certain policy proposals will have. NCPA members have access to sample media materials, such as letters to the editor and news releases, which can be personalized for submission to local news outlets.

Invest in the Legislative Defense Fund (LDF)
The LDF funds our national and state government affairs activities on your behalf. Legislative campaigns can be quite costly. A fully-funded Government Affairs operation is necessary to effectively advocate on your behalf and to counter the claims made by those on the other side of our issues. Your continued and renewed support is greatly appreciated. Click here to invest.

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