Host Your Own Check Your Meds Day



As an independent community pharmacist, you are your community's most accessible health care provider. You deliver medications and expertise daily to improve the lives of millions of Americans.

This inaugural event was designed to encourage consumers to bring their prescription medications and supplements to their local pharmacies for brown bag medication reviews. Although the nationally branded event has passed, you can still show your value by hosting Check Your Meds events in your local community.

We also know taking care of patients takes time, so we've created this toolkit to put the resources you need right at your fingertips. Use what you need to host a Check Your Meds Day in your pharmacy, skip over what you don't, and let us know if something is missing that you would like us to add.

Marketing Resources

Use these resources to spread the word about a Check Your Meds Day event you're hosting and prepare your staff and patients for what to expect.

Check Your Meds Day Flyer

Stay Healthy Flyer

Check Your Meds Day Postcard

How Does Using a Comprehensive Medication Review Prevent Errors?

Promotional Video for Patients

Program Forms and Tools

Use these resources to prepare for and follow up on a Check Your Meds Day event.

Quick How-To Guide

Workflow Walk-Through

Participant Sign-Up Sheet

Medication Review Form

MyMedSchedule—Patient Medication Calendar

Updated Medication List for Patients

Participant Evaluation Form

Patient Follow-Up Bag Stuffer

Patient Appointment Cards

Prescription Disposal Program

Additional Resources

Use these links to connect with others and find more information about related initiatives.

HQI Blue Bag Initiative

Several of the materials in this toolkit were developed by Health Quality Innovators (HQI) to support the Blue Bag Initiative. Learn about the full program and how it helps prevent medication errors by visiting

Simplify My Meds®

The comprehensive medication reviews you're doing during a Check Your Meds Day event are the first step in this NCPA members-only program. Why not continue the process and revolutionize your pharmacy operations? Learn how Simplify My Meds® helps your patients and your bottom line.

Dispose My Meds™

Part of your Check Your Meds Day event is getting rid of patients' expired medications. Learn more about proper disposal and patient education with the NCPA Foundation's Dispose My Meds™ program.

Medication Adherence Apps

Most patients need reminders to take their meds, and there are several smartphone apps that can help. Learn about some of the apps available to recommend to your patients.